The Turning Point

Brookfield Graduation 2020

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On Wednesday, June 17th, 2020, Brookfield Academy’s senior graduates were taken by surprise.  Even though the graduation ceremony had been cancelled due to this year’s pandemic, Brookfield staff took it upon themselves to bring graduation to them!  The occasion, though bittersweet as graduation season often can be, had a bit more of an emotional touch this year with such unforeseen circumstances.  Our seniors may not have gotten the traditional ceremony as graduates that came before them, but even they, the parents, and staff agreed; it will be one of the most memorable.  After six hours on the road and multiple stops throughout Gloucester, Cumberland, Burlington, and Camden counties, every graduate in our senior class was visited and celebrated (not to mention, officially graduated!).

Our Valedictorian, Mr. Thomas Williams, was the first stop of many.  His achievements and successes here at Brookfield were certainly to be commemorated and we can not thank him enough for his participation and leadership throughout his time as a Brookfield Wolf.  All of seniors have had so much to celebrate, including Dylan Flynn, Lily Hudson, Richard Weldon, Nyaisa Piedra, Juan Quinones-Fussell, Bryce Vandeventer, Kalik Conn, Aiden Montgomery, Samantha Ettore, and Caroline Saunders.  Each has contributed much to the Brookfield family and will be remembered and missed dearly!  Congratulations Seniors!!


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