The Turning Point

Animal and Plant Life Cycles Study

Art Therapy

Est. 1976

To celebrate the completion of our study of animal and plant life cycles, the students at the Haddon Heights Campus witnessed the metamorphosis of the painted lady butterfly in their classrooms.  The arrival of the tiny little caterpillars was anxiously awaited and when they finally arrived in mid-May, they were quickly welcomed into each class.  Students eagerly observed their eating habits and tracked their growth until one day they started to build their snug little chrysalis.  Over the next ten days or so, we were unable to see much, but thanks to our lessons, we knew that there was much work taking place inside the chrysalis as the caterpillar was slowly preparing to become a butterfly.   As the weather grew warmer, one by one, the butterflies began to emerge from their chrysalis.  After several days of eating fruit and allowing their wings to develop and grow stronger, our butterflies were ready to be released into the wild.  On a warm June day, each class allowed their butterflies to leave their habitats and explore the freedom of the school yard.  What a wonderful way to observe the development of an animal life cycle!


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