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Animal Science Class at Brookfield Schools Cherry Hill Campus

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If students find themselves loving animals and wanting to help them, Animal Science is the course for them. Animal Science offered at Brookfield Schools Cherry Hill Campus is a hands-on experience for students with many different animals both in and out of the classroom. The classroom itself includes such animals as chinchillas, guinea pigs and an agama lizard.

In this class, students learn many aspects of the small animal industry from veterinarian assistant to veterinarian. Exploring careers is a big aspect of our course, and by students researching the careers involving animals, it exposes them to the many possibilities to work with animals after high school. The instructor covers in depth the duties of a veterinary assistant and the certificates a student must acquire to become a veterinary assistant when they graduate high school. Students who enjoy the course may want to volunteer at their local veterinary clinic or animal shelter.

In the Animal Science Class, we also cover animal nutrition, animal care and the safe handling of the animals. The instructor reviews proper handling techniques of the animals so that the animals and students are safe when they are picking up the classroom pets.

Students learn about animals’ many organ systems and zoonotic diseases that pose a threat to humans. As the course progresses, the class takes an in-depth look at many different classifications of animals including amphibians, mammals, reptiles, etc.

Our classroom is home for different animals that the students learn how to care for, and they also learn to clean the animals’ enclosures. Learning also takes place outside the classroom, as students have the opportunity to visit a veterinary clinic. At the clinic, students are able to observe animals being treated by veterinary technicians, watch animal dentals being performed and observe animals having surgeries.

While at the clinic, students are able to ask the professionals questions and enjoy hands-on time with some of the clinic’s animals. During the month of May our students also visit the Philadelphia Zoo, and learn about such animals as lions, primates and reptiles. Students have time to visit the various animals in their zoo habitats.

Animal Science teaches students how to care for and respect animals. Contact with animals can be very calming to our students at Brookfield Schools Cherry Hill Campus. Our hope for the Animal Sciences Class is that it will continue to grow and support our students’ curiosity and love of animals!


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