Brookfield Schools Haddon Heights Campus K-8th

Brookfield Schools Haddon Heights Campus K-8th

Est. 1976

The Turning Point

Art Therapy

Our Program

The educational component of Brookfield Schools Haddon Heights Campus is designed to provide an intensive and grade-level academic curriculum with a successful model for therapeutic health and socialization opportunities that promotes each student’s return to their original school district. Our priority is to facilitate the learning process. Additionally, we hope each Brookfield student will return to their district with an increased awareness of appropriate social behavior, greater self-esteem, and more positive social interactions.

Behavior Modification

At Brookfield Schools Haddon Heights Campus, a program of behavior modification using a 100-point system is in place. A written report is sent home daily and the positive reward system offers students the opportunity to earn daily, weekly and monthly rewards, trips, and purchases at the school store. The goal is to change the behavior of the students so they will be able to confidently interact within their environment.

Comprehensive Services

Brookfield Schools Haddon Heights Campus services encompass more than just the educational component and include:
• Individual and group counseling
• Creative therapies (art, play, cooking, gardening)
• Parent and family counseling and consultation
• Parent Meetings
• Lego Therapy
• Individual iPads

Community Partnerships & Recognition

Brookfield Schools Haddon Heights Campus has formed innovative partnerships within the community that include relationships with:
• Perkins Center for the Arts
• The Rowan University Institute Advancement for Learning

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