Equestrian Program at Brookfield Schools

Equestrian Program, Students with Horses

The Equine Facilitated Learning Program at Gleneayre is a non-riding curriculum-based program that engages groups of people by offering them the opportunity to fully participate in experiential learning. This curriculum utilizes horses to teach character education alongside history, math, life sciences and writing to help students reach their full potential. EFL is well suited for students who do not thrive in the traditional classroom setting, including those with ADHD, learning disabilities, Autism and behavioral challenges.

The Gleneayre Equestrian Program is a 501(c)3 organization in Lumberton, NJ whose mission includes utilizing horses to benefit the lives of youths with challenges. Since 1998, they have been providing programs and have served many children through their Work-to-Ride, Equine Facilitated Learning and Equine Assisted Support Services programs.

As confirmed by Strides to Success, our staff has completed the training offered in Indiana for this Equine Facilitated Learning model. Additionally, the founders of the Strides to Success organization have been to our facility to provide further training for our staff utilizing our horses.

We have extensive experience with this curriculum and have provided this program to many at-risk youths over the course of the past eight years. This curriculum focuses on developing essential character skills, including respect, honesty and integrity. Parents and teachers have noted the impact on the lives of the children who have participated in this program, including improvements in anger management, cooperation, respect for others and decision making.

The Gleneayre Equestrian Program provides the Equine Facilitated Learning program at our facility in Burlington County. This facility is unique because it was modeled after the facility at Strides to Success and built specifically to work with integrating Equine Facilitated Learning programs.

Culinary Arts Program at Brookfield Schools Cherry Hill Campus

Brookfield Schools, Culinary Arts, Chef

In the Brookfield Schools Cherry Hill Campus Culinary Arts Program, we strive to give students as many opportunities as possible for future life experiences including job options, life skills, post-secondary education opportunities and chances to foster their own creativity. The students work tirelessly throughout the school year learning how to safely handle food and chemicals in the kitchen, proper knife skills, operating and maintaining commercial grade kitchen equipment, various cooking methods and techniques, and countless other skills and tools that are associated with the food and restaurant industries.

Our program begins each school year with a week-long training on “all things safe.” From there, we work on various projects that include culinary basics such as soups, stocks, mother sauces, heat transfer methods and more. Next, we focus on catering projects for school-day events and evening events that teach students meal planning, food preparation, food costs and inventory management. Our students cook and organize food for Back-to-School Night, prepare beautiful pink cupcakes on “Pink Day” to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness and several other school events such as these. As the school year progresses, our youngsters are responsible for catering major events such as our Thanksgiving Feast, Annual Holiday Bake Sale and our Spring Fling / Arts and Sciences Fair. In addition, selected students with the proper skills are dedicated to preparing meals for staff lunches. These students are in charge of taking food orders, following food-handling procedures, making food-to-order, preparing properly plated presentations and displaying appropriate communication and time-management skills

The first half of the third marking period is spent focusing on various cuisines from around the world. Each week is dedicated to a different area of the world, exploring and practicing various dishes that are native to those areas. We research the foods, herbs and spices that are indigenous to those countries or how they may have been adopted there by trade or accessibility. After this, students learn plate presentations and how to make food look appetizing and appealing.

Finally, students work on projects more independently that spike their interest, cultivate their creativity, or may teach new techniques they wish to learn. They also complete the school year with a menu project where they create a restaurant, bakery, food truck or other type of dining venue. This project helps display the array of skills they have learned throughout the school year, while also allowing their imagination to take hold. The final week of the school year includes a school-wide BBQ and cook-out where we celebrate the many achievements and successes of the year.

In the Culinary Arts program at Brookfield Schools Cherry Hill Campus, we do everything we can to help our students succeed. From preparing for the workplace with industry standard certifications, to everyday skills they can take with them long after their time here at the Academy, we are dedicated to preparing them for success.

Animal Science Class at Brookfield Schools Cherry Hill Campus

Animal Sciences, Students with a Rabbit

If students find themselves loving animals and wanting to help them, Animal Science is the course for them. Animal Science offered at Brookfield Schools Cherry Hill Campus is a hands-on experience for students with many different animals both in and out of the classroom. The classroom itself includes such animals as chinchillas, guinea pigs and an agama lizard.

In this class, students learn many aspects of the small animal industry from veterinarian assistant to veterinarian. Exploring careers is a big aspect of our course, and by students researching the careers involving animals, it exposes them to the many possibilities to work with animals after high school. The instructor covers in depth the duties of a veterinary assistant and the certificates a student must acquire to become a veterinary assistant when they graduate high school. Students who enjoy the course may want to volunteer at their local veterinary clinic or animal shelter.

In the Animal Science Class, we also cover animal nutrition, animal care and the safe handling of the animals. The instructor reviews proper handling techniques of the animals so that the animals and students are safe when they are picking up the classroom pets.

Students learn about animals’ many organ systems and zoonotic diseases that pose a threat to humans. As the course progresses, the class takes an in-depth look at many different classifications of animals including amphibians, mammals, reptiles, etc.

Our classroom is home for different animals that the students learn how to care for, and they also learn to clean the animals’ enclosures. Learning also takes place outside the classroom, as students have the opportunity to visit a veterinary clinic. At the clinic, students are able to observe animals being treated by veterinary technicians, watch animal dentals being performed and observe animals having surgeries.

While at the clinic, students are able to ask the professionals questions and enjoy hands-on time with some of the clinic’s animals. During the month of May our students also visit the Philadelphia Zoo, and learn about such animals as lions, primates and reptiles. Students have time to visit the various animals in their zoo habitats.

Animal Science teaches students how to care for and respect animals. Contact with animals can be very calming to our students at Brookfield Schools Cherry Hill Campus. Our hope for the Animal Sciences Class is that it will continue to grow and support our students’ curiosity and love of animals!

Students Are Learning and Growing at Brookfield Schools Haddon Heights Campus

"Outdoors" Student smiles, sitting on the grass

We know that Winter is upon us, but in a couple months, Spring will be right around the corner! At Brookfield Schools Haddon Heights Campus, our Horticulture Program will already be prepared to start growing herbs and vegetables.

Early this year, Brookfield Schools Haddon Heights Campus students constructed four raised beds to grow herbs and vegetables. They filled the raised beds with organic soil and prepared them for planting. Students from different classes selected and cultivated various plants, including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, basil, cilantro and mint. The students watered and cared for the plants through the extended school year.

As the various plants ripened, the students and staff were able to prepare different food menus using the ingredients grown right here on campus for our Life Skills Kitchen. In the front of the school, the students planted dozens of sunflowers in the Summer, and in the Fall had planted dozens of daffodils that will sprout up in the Spring.

This coming year, the staff and students will be expanding the number of herbs and vegetables and hope to add a butterfly garden, too. The lessons learned about gardening will continue on with our students throughout their lives.

Technology at Brookfield Schools

Student at Brook Academy

At Brookfield Academy, students work in their classrooms with Chromebooks to access various online products, guided by their teachers. Our teachers also use Smartboards mounted in each classroom to present interactive lessons to the students. A high-speed fiber line Internet with many wireless access points throughout the building maintains a strong connection and speed on the devices. The Academy is equipment with a PC computer lab where our students work on projects and foreign language studies. Also, there is a MAC lab where students work on Health and Physical Education classes. We also have a new digital camera for the yearbook staff to use to photograph student activities and projects.

At Brookfield Schools Haddon Heights Campus, students in the Elementary grades work on various projects using Apple iPads. The students in the Middle School are learning to use Chromebooks to help facilitate learning and prepare them for the Academy. Here, too, our teachers use Smartboards in the classroom to help diversify the learning environment. In the library, a new PC computer lab has been installed to provide students with time to explore the Internet and further their studies. The Brookfield Schools Haddon Heights Campus also has a high-speed fiber Internet connection and many wireless access points through the school.

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Coronavirus Update

Brookfield Academy, Brookfield Elementary, and Upward Bound Program will be closed as of Tuesday March 17th through March 31st.  Learning via google classroom and USPS (for those not having access to the internet) will be initiated Tuesday the 17th. Students should log into their google classroom and follow their daily schedule.  Detailed information was sent via alert message earlier today and will continue to be sent out with updates.
Be Safe!

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