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Students Are Learning and Growing at Brookfield Schools Haddon Heights Campus

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We know that Winter is upon us, but in a couple months, Spring will be right around the corner! At Brookfield Schools Haddon Heights Campus, our Horticulture Program will already be prepared to start growing herbs and vegetables.

Early this year, Brookfield Schools Haddon Heights Campus students constructed four raised beds to grow herbs and vegetables. They filled the raised beds with organic soil and prepared them for planting. Students from different classes selected and cultivated various plants, including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, basil, cilantro and mint. The students watered and cared for the plants through the extended school year.

As the various plants ripened, the students and staff were able to prepare different food menus using the ingredients grown right here on campus for our Life Skills Kitchen. In the front of the school, the students planted dozens of sunflowers in the Summer, and in the Fall had planted dozens of daffodils that will sprout up in the Spring.

This coming year, the staff and students will be expanding the number of herbs and vegetables and hope to add a butterfly garden, too. The lessons learned about gardening will continue on with our students throughout their lives.


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Coronavirus Update

Brookfield Academy, Brookfield Elementary, and Upward Bound Program will be closed as of Tuesday March 17th through March 31st.  Learning via google classroom and USPS (for those not having access to the internet) will be initiated Tuesday the 17th. Students should log into their google classroom and follow their daily schedule.  Detailed information was sent via alert message earlier today and will continue to be sent out with updates.
Be Safe!

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