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How do I enroll my child in your school?
Contact your case manager at your school district if your child is not meeting with success in his/her current placement. The Individual Education Plan (IEP) which includes the parent, will discuss placement options for the child. If a private placement is a recommended option, your case manager will contact the school. Student Records will be sent for review by the Director of Admissions to determine if referral is appropriate. If it is the Admissions Director will contact the parent/guardian for the child to come for an interview and tour.

What is the admission process?
Sending Districts or/and students’ district of residence refers to Brookfield.  The director of admission needs to review the IEP, IEP evaluations and interview the student.  Once those two entities are completed, a decision will be made regarding acceptance.

Must students be classified to attend your schools?
Yes, all students who attend the Academy or Elementary are classified.

Do I have to pay to send my child to Brookfield Schools? 
No, your local school district is responsible to pay all costs involved with your child attending Brookfield Elementary, Academy or T2C.

Do I have to transport my child to Brookfield Schools?
No, your local school district will provide door-to-door transportation to Brookfield Elementary, Academy or T2C.

What are some unique aspects about Brookfield Schools?
We have a school-wide “behavior modification systems” at Brookfield Elementary and Academy that focus on reinforcing appropriate behaviors and decreasing inappropriate behaviors.  There are short term and long-term reinforcers built into both programs that range from earning snacks to going on field trips.

Will my child have counseling?
Yes, all students at Brookfield Academy, Elementary and T2C Program have a “therapist” assigned to them when they start one of our programs and are expected to participate in counseling.  All of our “therapists” are either school Social Workers or a School Psychologist. Their IEP will typically indicate the frequency and length of counseling sessions and students can request additional counseling time to work through any concerns they have. We believe that participation in weekly counseling AND counseling “in the moment” when they are having difficulties is how we are able to make the most progress with helping students to develop and implement more appropriate coping mechanisms and gain insight into how their negative behaviors are keeping them from being successful in school.

Do the student’s regress academically by attending Brookfield? 
No.  Brookfield adheres to the New Jersey core content curriculum standards.  Brookfield offers small class size and individual instruction which promotes academic success.

How does the lunch/breakfast program work?
Brookfield contacts with another school district to provide a federal school lunch and breakfast program. If a student receives a free or reduced lunch in district then Brookfield can continue that program.  Otherwise, the student/family is responsible to pay for breakfast and lunch.

Do students take standardized testing?
All of the students at Brookfield Elementary, Academy and T2C participate in the state mandated testing; NJ ASK, HSPA, and the Biology EOC Exam

Do I have to purchase the college textbooks my child will use when they are at the T2C program?
No, the tuition your district pays to Brookfield schools will cover all costs, fees and textbooks to attend college classes at Camden County College.

Do students ever transition back to sending districts? 
Yes.  Brookfield’s staff works with the student, student’s family and sending district to transition back to district when appropriate.

How does graduation work?
All of the students at Brookfield Academy and T2C are eligible to participate in a graduation ceremony held at Brookfield Academy and/or they are typically allowed to participate in the ceremony at their local school district as well.  The students will receive a certificate of completion from Brookfield Schools and the high school diploma from their local school district.

Where do students go after they graduate from Brookfield? 
After 8th grade graduation, student’s options include attending Brookfield Academy, District High School, Private High School or Vocational School. After 12 grade graduation student’s options include a 4 year college, a two year college, technical school, military service, or employment/career.

How do I receive service through your behavioral health component?
Contact the Program Director listed in our contact section.

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