The Turning Point

Technology at Brookfield Schools

Art Therapy

Est. 1976

At Brookfield Academy, students work in their classrooms with Chromebooks to access various online products, guided by their teachers. Our teachers also use Smartboards mounted in each classroom to present interactive lessons to the students. A high-speed fiber line Internet with many wireless access points throughout the building maintains a strong connection and speed on the devices. The Academy is equipment with a PC computer lab where our students work on projects and foreign language studies. Also, there is a MAC lab where students work on Health and Physical Education classes. We also have a new digital camera for the yearbook staff to use to photograph student activities and projects.

At Brookfield Schools Haddon Heights Campus, students in the Elementary grades work on various projects using Apple iPads. The students in the Middle School are learning to use Chromebooks to help facilitate learning and prepare them for the Academy. Here, too, our teachers use Smartboards in the classroom to help diversify the learning environment. In the library, a new PC computer lab has been installed to provide students with time to explore the Internet and further their studies. The Brookfield Schools Haddon Heights Campus also has a high-speed fiber Internet connection and many wireless access points through the school.


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