Good Morning Everyone,

Debbie and I wanted to take a moment before the school year is over to personally thank each of you for your contribution to Caroline's success at Brookfield. Caroline may not fully appreciate what was done on her behalf to help her graduate, but Debbie and I do.

We know we still have difficulties ahead, but it would have been made more difficult if Caroline didn't have a high school diploma. From what Debbie and I have observed, your job on a daily basis is among the most difficult I've ever seen. Yet, you do in day in and day out. I'm sure you hear all the complaints, some have been from me, but you don't hear the compliments and praise you all deserve. We wanted each of you to know, we have seen and we acknowledge what each of you has done and we will always been grateful for you and your work.

I hope I haven't left anyone out of this E-mail but I probably have. If you know anyone that has worked with Caroline that wasn't on this list, please show them this E-mail. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Bob and Debbie Saunders
Brookfield Staff has done a magnificent job visiting the students, making them feel extra special, and personalizing that moment with each one of them. We were overwhelmed by the traveling celebration you brought to our door. We can't thank you all enough for the wonderful contributions each one of you gave to our daughter, Lily. SHE was even floored, and that's saying something. It will definitely go down as one of the most memorable times we shared with Lily as her family and with all of you as her school family. I wish the best to all the staff members both professionally and personally who showed complete and unwavering dedication to all of the students, and all of our best wishes to the entire graduating class of Brookfield Academy Class of 2020.

Warmest regards,
Lisa Hudson
Please forward my appreciation email to all staff who showed up at our home and to Mr. Mastro who spoke about Lily on the Zoom presentation. You should be so proud of the dedication every single staff member has shown the students, including the janitor and nurse. They all go above and beyond their scope of duties. I have referred Brookfield to other parents and I will continue to do so when a child with an IEP who just does not do well in district school needs an alternative. Mr. Mastro is a riot, Amy is a loving and cherished extended member of my family, as are Pam and Cheryl. I really missed Mr Kiernan when he was Principahe is a wonderful man. If you touch a single life in your lifetime in a positive way, you have left a wonderful legacy. Look at the legacy all of you have left on multiple lives including the parents. The more people that care and love your child, the better odds your child will have for success. Lily is blessed.

Warmest regards,
Lisa Hudson
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